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Make your institute digital by bringing all the stake holders- students, parents, teachers and management on single platform. Don't miss to get a free trial to experience the best.

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Why MyClassCampus?

We are a passionate team on a mission to deliver the best ERP tool in educational domain. If you're looking for an advance tool with dynamic functionality and reliability then MyClassCampus is the most suitable option in an affordable pricing. Our continuous innovation in technology is a key for delivering out of the box solutions which makes operations extremely productive to deliver excellent experience to all the stakeholders.

Experience the School/College/Institute Management ERP like never before!

It's not just about 40+ modules, it's about depth in the functionality, reporting and ease of use. Productivity, accountability and communication excellence are byproduct of adopting MyClassCampus ERP.

  • All in one Hardware Integration!
  • ISO 27001 Certified Software to keep your data secure
  • Easy Setup with Logs and Backup Facility
  • Multi Branch Enabled!
  • Regular New Updates and Features!

Bring Students, Teachers, Parents and Staff on Mobile App for effective communication and convenience

An App which could make life of all the stakeholders very easy and productive.

  • Your Own Branded App dashboard
  • All important things on fingertip
  • Push notifications for all the updates
  • Online-Offline App Working

Create Your Digital Academy Let Students Study From Home!

  • Now create your e-learning platform in just few minutes with Pocket Study
  • Import readily available Syllabus structure of different subjects or create your own
  • Start Uploading your content by using unique Audio & Video recording tools of Pocket Study
  • Publish your content to your students just by a click of a button..

LIVE Classes on Pocket Study App & Web

  • Live classes can be automatically recorded & storedon server for future access to concerned students
  • Institute Adminstration can view and manage all live classes happening from web portal
  • ENJOY Session Recording, Live YouTube stream connect, Live Chat, Raise hand tools as well
  • Pocket Study will manage everything!!

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    1. Institute Management
    2. All in One Shared Calendar
      1. Notes, Event, Messages and Notification.
      2. Target (Task Management).
    3. Student Attendance and Homework
    4. Exam Planner and Scheduler
    5. Result and Report Card Generator
    6. All in One Student Profile
    7. Settings and System Logs
    8. Birthday Module
    9. Material Upload (Doc Sharing)
    10. Fees Management
    11. Online Fees (Payment Gateway)

    1. Time Table Management
    2. Library Management
    3. Inquiry/Admission Management
    4. Inventory Purchase and Sale
    5. Online Quiz and Paper Generator Test
    6. Complain Management
    7. Canteen Management
    8. Dynamic Reports
    9. Gate Pass
    10. Live One to One and Group Chat
      (Controlled Group With Right and Analytic)

    1. HR Management
    2. Hostel Management
    3. 10 GB of Storage
    4. Student Wallet/Pocket Money
    5. Biometric/RFID Attendance (Auto Sink with Server)
    6. GPS Bus Tracking
    7. Integrated Finance Management
    8. +
    9. Telly Integration
    10. Lesson Planning and Teachers Diary

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