Anand Niketan School, Mehsana.

"Today during the PTM, parents were very happy sharing about receiving homework, circulars, event photos and now even results perfectly"

About Institute :

Anand Niketan, Mehsana branch have a growing enrollment of 1300 students and offer education from 1 to Grade 12.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Mitesh sir shared “We were using traditional method of using SMS, Texts and Whatsapp to communicate with parents. We created whatsapp group class wise. To pass the circulars, we used to get hard copies printed and used to distribute it. The main problem was not knowing if parents are receiving the information or not. There was no timely communication and was an operational nightmare. Then is when we knew that we needed some Institute Management System”

After implementing MyClassCampus :

He was happy to tell us that, “Initially we acquired MyClassCampus School Erp only to communicate with parents. But after using it we realized there was so much more to it. There are so many modules and now we do all the following using MyClassCampus :

  • We take attendance and notify parents immediately.
  • We send daily homework.
  • Class teachers can send circulars via ‘Send Note’ option.
  • We publish photos of our schools’ events through ‘Gallery’ in MYCC mobile app.
  • So far we also have published online results via ‘Exam Planner and Scheduler’ and ‘Result’ modules. This way parents don’t have to wait up for hard copies of result and can get results online itself.
  • We have also opted for Add-on feature which is ‘Transportation’ module, which is Live GPS for our school vehicles. Parents can see live location of bus on mobile app.
  • We would not just stop with this, we are also planning to use ‘Fees management’ and ‘Timetable’ modules in near future of this Institute Management System.”

Further he highlighted that “We are really happy with MyClassCampus, School Erp. It is 99.9% error free. Parents love this facility that we provide. We are so happy that we chose MyClassCampus to digitize our school”

Sidhnath Public School

“One of the best ERP application which help school and parents to communicate faster and keep updating students performance. My class campus plays a role model for school and parents.”

About Institute :

Sidhnath Public School is an English Medium Co-educational School. Offering Kindergarten to Grade VIII education.The school provides all possible opportunities of the best education and an development of all round personality to meet the challenges of a competitive future.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Sagar sir shared “We used to have one software which was used but only for internal use. We were not able to communicate to parents successfully. We faced many issues which bothered us.

  • Biggest problem was, students intentionally remained absent on class-test day. If they were absent they would skip the test. How many class tests were taken, was recorded manually in books. This created a lots of chaos. Principal and higher authorities did not had the marks handy.
  • Seldom, student would misplace the timetable and prepare for wrong test.
  • Communicating with parents was a big task. School was not able to provide student’s information directly to parents.”
After implementing MyClassCampus :

Sagar sir stated that “Direct communication with parents has become much easier task after using MYCC. For each problem we got it’s solution.

  • Parents, students and teachers can check the campus calendar online, via app. They can see all the events and notes. All the modules are so beautifully made that the exams created in “Exam Scheduler” module automatically shows up on calendar. In this way, students and parents can check exam timetable and have it available at their fingertips.
  • Taking attendance is no more a manual work in registers. Our teachers are allowed to take their cell phones to classroom for first 15 minutes and take attendance on app itself. Parents of an absentees are notified immediately by sending them SMS. Also, parents can check the whole attendance report of a student, they don’t have to take updates from school manually.
  • With the help of ‘Student leave management’ in app, our students and faculties can apply for leave beforehand.
  • From “Timetable” module students and parents can see the detailed class schedule of all days. This helps our students in not missing out any books while packing their bags.
  • We can send announcements to all users in one go.
  • Class test management has been the best help. Students cannot skip any class tests. Also, principles and higher authorities have the results of all tests handy, because of MYCC. Because of this, our faculties can sort out weak students and can help them better in studies. This makes our faculties more organized and responsible. This also helps parent in keeping track of all the marks of their child.
  • I love the feature where we are given the facility of generating the progress report of an individual student, which can be shared with parents in our PTMs.
  • Not just basic modules, we have also opted for Add-on modules like, Live GPS bus tracking and Online fee payment portal.

The Modern English High School

“Choosing right ERP is very important but what is more important, is after sales service. Because poor support would not let you fully implement ERP and I think MyClassCampus support team is very active. On the scale of 1 to 10 i would give them 9.”

About Institute :

Situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They proudly say “Our children don't just learn, they experience.”

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Shashikant sir shared the following pain points they used to face before implementing MyClasscampus.

  • “ We used to manage excel sheets for maintaining all data. Due to which retrieving student’s data was a long process.“
  • “ Even when we wanted to contact parents, it was difficult because we had to wait until parents come in person or contact them via students. There were very limited sources through which we could connect directly to parents.”
  • “ Also maintaining result and getting result cards ready was chaotic. Same was the issue with Certificate generation as well.”
After implementing MyClassCampus :

Shashikant sir shared all the things the love about our MyClassCampus.

  • “ Parents love the feature of auto birthday wishes. They find it more personalized and heart warming.”
  • “ We find sending Note and SMS super convenient, for updating parents about every matter regarding the school.”
  • “ We make maximum use of certificate generation and I must say that it is a very convenient feature. The reason being is all the student’s data is already saved in the system and while printing certificates we just need to select the student and it will be automatically generated.”
  • “ We also print ID from our admin office itself. The best benefit is, if the ID is lost or has error, we can rectify and print it immediately. It saves a lot of time.”
  • “We have printed 1200 marksheet cards so far.”
  • “ We use Human Resource module to generate salary slips for all the faculties. It gives the professional touch and it secures the privacy as all teachers login to their IDs to see their own salary slips.”
  • “We are planning to use ‘Academic Planner’ in future.”

Rainbow Pre-School

About Institute :

Rainbow Pre-School , Rajkot is well developed pre-school in just 2 years.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

As per words of Hitesh sir, “Before using MyClassCampus, we were facing so many problems like how many have paid their fees we need to check every time the register and calculate the remaining amount standard wise, student wise, And many times after giving homework parents rarely use to see the homework and have record of it. Informing Parents about daily activities done in school or any general message that could be sent to whole school was not possible. Having record of students exam and attendance was quite difficult to maintain all things in papers.”

After implementing MyClassCampus :

I am happy to say that after using MyClassCampus, the things I was expecting went much more easy going then my expectation.

  • The First problems and most time consuming activity was solved by Fees management , that every report of each and every student , batch wise report and in even that I was able to take fees by just using my phone just by one click no need to even open laptop or see any register. And if my admin would take fee direct it would notify me. So no need to ask or depend on them also and parent in their phones could find the remaining amount and also the receipt of paid fees.
  • Another I found very interesting module that was sending sms/notes that even after school time if I want to convey any message to parent I was able to send just by one click. Even my faculties or admin convey any message in fraction of second I would get notify and one amazing thing was that after sending sms parents use to get notification instead of text sms and I would be also able to see how many parent have got the message. And new Update Announcement made work more easy just adding audio message and it will convey to all parents.
  • Maintaining the marks of weekly exams and directly displaying marks into parents account was possible by MYCC And Individual teachers can fill their own marks from just phone so it made their work easy that no need to make rank list or percentage of students just fill marks and whole result is prepaid. By Exam planner and Schedule.
  • In homework module teachers was able to give subject wise homework and also can send any attachment like photos or videos and and best thing was that parent could also able to see today’s homework subject wise with attachment and also date wise homework of their own students, so if student whether has gone to school or not parent will able to get homework.

Last words to say, MyClassCampus system made my 80% work easy and totally paperless. I really feel relax after allotting work to faculties and admins and can get report of full school activitie, different report like attendance, homework and fees in my Phone.

Eduvalley Institute-Rajkot

About Institute :

Eduvalley Institute, Rajkot is growing from since 2013 and 650+ students and offer education of JEE & Advance NEET and 11th, 12th, Science coaching.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Manish sir & Tejas sir shared “The main issue they were facing was of communications with students about timing and some important new notification to be shared with them after coaching classes & were using traditional method of using SMS, Texts and to communicate with students. We used to give all reference material & taking regular exam but to manage all marks and attendance of student was quite difficult & to pass the circulars, we used to get hard copies printed and used to distribute it. The main problem was not knowing if parents are receiving the exam marks or attendance reports of their students or not. Then is when we knew that we needed some Institute Management System”

After implementing MyClassCampus :

He was happy to tell us that, “Initially we acquired MyClassCampus School Erp only to communicate with parents and students. But after using it we realized there was so much more to it. There are so many modules and now we do all the following using MyClassCampus :

  • We take attendance and it gets notifies by parents immediately as it becomes important in classes as many of students saying at home that they are going for classes but actually moves on at another place.
  • Faculties can also send notes to students via ‘Send Note’ option as students gets notify about recent updates about JEE exam dates and all syllabus.
  • We publish photos of our Institute’s events through ‘Gallery’ in MYCC mobile app. As parents gets notify about recent activities and performances given by students in events.
  • And mainly we maximum take advantage of exam planner and publish result in that by just simple method via ‘Exam planner and scheduler ’ and Students can see their own result instant after just filling marks by faculties through application itself and students can view their own marks in App itself. So from that student can also know in which subject they need to improve more.
  • We are using this, ‘Library management ’as all books can be managed from this module and even students can requested for a particular book from their own application and by approving the request he can go to the Liberian directly & take the book.”

Further he highlighted that “We are really happy with MyClassCampus, Erp. It is 99.9% error free. Students and parents love this facility that we provide. We are so happy that we chose MyClassCampus to digitize our Institute

One of the best ERP that made our institute paperless and hasselfree. It creates a positive environment between parents and institute that helps to build a successful career of students. It has all the necessary modules that an educational institute must have.”

Logic School of Management

"MyClassCampus is very good ERP software, also considering the cost factor. It is still a growing company with a powerful software for school management. We love the customization they are providing us."

About Institute :

Logic School of Management (LSM) is an exclusive institute of first choice to secure high ranks in various professional courses like CA, CPA, CMA, CMA, CS, M.Com and B.Com. LSM is the Pioneer to introduce Certified Management Accountant (CMA, USA) in the state of Kerala, India and holds the privilege to be the “Only institute in Kerala to be recognized by IMA-USA for CMA coaching”.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Mr. Gabby shared that,

  • “The major issue we were facing was managing inquiries that we received for our institutes.”
  • “We were not able to track the details of students and there was always a probability of information getting lost due to it being on manual papers. We had a major dependency on manual paperwork. We wanted to change that.”
  • “We wanted to adapt paperless system and then is when we found MyClassCampus.”
After implementing MyClassCampus :
  • “ After adapting MyClassCampus School Administration Software, we are using Inquiry management module and Fee management module primarily.”
  • ” We don’t have to manage inquiries in books anymore, we can do it from Inquiry module. We also have the option of sorting out status of different inquiries. This way we can always check the inquiry status of a particular student.”
  • “ We practice the whole admission process in MyClassCampus and it is much convenient.”
  • “ We have started adapting fee management module right now. Collecting fee is now easier and faster, hassle free process.”

Arunodoi Academy

“We are amazed at how many features MyClassCampus provides. This is an amazing ERP with all possible features, required for an educational institute. MyClassCampus work perfectly for our SEBA/AHSEC Boards.”

About Institute :

Arunodoi Academic is a non-profit making society with 850 bright students. It was founded in Jorhat in the year 2006. Every member of the Team Arunodoi Academy has the vision to take the institution to a level where only performance speaks and quality education do the rest of the talking.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Tridiv sir shared with us that,

  • “Our main concern was taking fees, declaring results and need to adapt School Information Management System.”
  • “We were using another ERP for the same but we were not at all satisfied with the after sales support service. Thus, for new ERP we were looking for a company which would not let us down with pre-sale AND post-sale services.”
  • “We later tried taking fees manually but it was very inconvenient and publishing result was a long process.”
After implementing MyClassCampus :
  • “Our search for an perfect School Administration Software came to an end after we discovered MyClassCampus. We love everything about this ERP from pre-sales to post-sales.”
  • “There are so many modules and features that we are overwhelmed. As of now we are aggressively using Fee management and Result module along with the result of modules.”
  • “Creating and printing the result cards came down to be such an easy task.”
  • “Also getting the fee related reports is a quick task. We love it how we don’t have to shuffle through books and jump folders to get the data after working on it for hours. We just choose the report type, standard and date range and voila, there it is!”
  • “So far, we are happy with this ERP and cannot wait to use other features.”

Krishna Kanta Handiqui Junior College

A stunning software. I suggest it to all the educational institutes. It requires minimal manpower and saves ample of time. We love it how it creates a triangle effect to connect students, parents and faculty successfully.”

About Institute :

Krishna Kanta Handiqui junior College comes into being at the heart of Pathsala under Barpeta District to commemorate the values and journeys explored by this scholar of worldwide fame, in the year 2006 as a result of the untiring zeal and sincere effort of a group of educated and enthusiastic youth. The institution sincerely aims at imparting quality education to the students of both Arts and Science streams and also at creating them as proper human resource which has of utmost necessity in the present context to heal ihn niling been and the world as well.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Manoj Sir shared that,

  • “Initially we used to do all the work manually. It took a lot of time and would demand more man power.”
  • “The most hectic process was calculating total per day’s collection by the end of day, for fees collection.”
  • “Retrieving faculties’ or student’s profile was inconvenient due to all information being in books and forms.”
After implementing MyClassCampus :
  • “MyClassCampus has an amazing Finance module. We rely of this module for all financial reports.”
  • “Taking attendance got much easier. We don’t have to maintain the register anymore. Also we get the attendance report whenever require.”
  • “We don’t have to worry about making last minute or emergency announcements. We can send it to our preferred audience in fraction of seconds.”
  • “We love it when parents appreciate us for adapting this ERP system. They get to keep check on the activity of their child in school, from mobile app. Not just parents, but also trustees, directors, principal and faculties also love MyClassCampus.”
  • “ User profiles are handy and easily available. We don’t need to save cell numbers of each student in devices, as we can get it directly from user directory of mobile app.”

Eklavya- The Study Point

"We manage multiple crash course batches, so you know that managing inquires and fee can be so messy. MyClassCampus came to the rescue and helped us with all the requirements we had for a campus management software. We highly recommend MyClassCampus ERP to all educational institutes."

About Institute :

Eklavya- The Study Point is a coaching class, which provides crash course batches to students, and give them a little push to achieve their success. It is situated in Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Vikas Sir shared, “We run coaching class for crash courses. This might be an enough information to give you an idea of how much important it is for us to manage different batches, fee structures and daily attendance to track and get student’s progress report. We needed Coaching Management Software”

  • “We always faced an issue regarding managing different classrooms, their schedules and students’ profile.”
  • “We took fees manually and managed it in books. Generating and providing receipt was a long process.”
  • “We had to be particular with taking attendance and later to get the student’s report we needed to shuffle through all the student’s data in books and papers.”
After implementing MyClassCampus :
  • “We are so glad that we found MyClassCampus at right time. We were in a difficult situation and needed a solution to end our chaos.”
  • “We are using MyClassCampus to manage taking fees, batchwise and we can get due report and paid fees report easily.”
  • “We also use Inquiry management system module for noting down all inquiries, digitally. We love the feature where we can change the inquiry status and transfer each inquiry to their concerned person. This helps us maintaining inquiries smoothly and getting more admissions successfully.”
  • “Attendance module in app is a great feature to manage class wise attendance effortlessly.”
  • “Material Upload module is our saviour when it comes to sharing our study material digitally. Students need not to worry about losing their notes and it not being available anywhere. Our students only need to have MyClassCampus application and internet connection available to get their study material anytime, anywhere.”
  • “So far we are happy with MyClassCampus and we highly recommend it to other educational institutes as well.”