MyClassCampus- School Management App

MyClassCampus School Management App is a smart app with many amazing features to bring the best of Mobile App technology to educational organisations. Communication, Lesson Planning, Time table, examination management, Leave Management, GPS tracking, Inquiry management, Online Fee payment and many other features makes it one of the smartest apps exist in the market. The School Mobile app is designed in such a way that it gives access to all the stakeholders-management, teachers, students and parents as per the rights given to them.

Advance User Profile for principal/director is one of the smartest and unique feature which helps management access data of all the students and staff members in their App with most organised and effective interface with live data reports.

If you feel that your institute need an app to go digital, don't hesitate to get a trial demo of MyClassCampus. We assure, you will love it!

MyClassCampus Mobile App

Quick overview of School Management App

MyClassCampus School App is a very simple and easy to use Mobile App so that all the users can self-learn and signup on the platform. It has lots of interesting features for teachers to communicate & record day-to-day activites in easiest way possible. It gives all the important updates to parents through push notifications. Parents can track their child's school activites and important updates from school in the most organised way possible. Itreduces communication gap and keeps all the stakeholders updated about relavent information from school.

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