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Student safety is great amplify with real-time tracking.

Ensure compliance

In some city government and education, the board has made mandatory for the Educational Institute to install GPS tracking device in their buses.

Allow access to Parents

Parents can access the live location of their child school vehicle on their smartphone.

Live tracking

Continuous monitoring is provided by the software on the smartphone.

Enable your school buses with GPS tracking to make your school administrators and parents life easy .

Let's help you!

Hostel Management Software helps the warden/ administrator to record details about the multiple number of hostels such as the type of hostel, number of wings in a hostel, number of floors in a wing, number of rooms in each floor, number of beds allotted to each floors and number of students each room can accommodate. For each room, the warden can assign per bed price that the students need to pay.

Students can be provided hostel accommodation based on the availability of rooms. When recording hostel details, custom fields can be added to record any additional information required by the institution. In our Institute Management System, if the management wants to assign a different price for 2 seaters room or 3 seaters room or more. Yes, here we give such option too.

The warden/ administrator can keep safe any amount deposited by the parent for his/her child’s personal use in an individual student wallet/pocket money and can be used when and if required for the student’s need. The students can withdraw any available amount with the permission of the warden and the Parent will be notified of all the withdrawals every time with the reason.

Reports can be analyzed for any specific hostel/wing/floor/room. A quick method for the warden to have all the specific data in one page in the Institute Management System.