BP Admission Portal 

The students/participants seeking admission to High School/UG/PG courses  in Mathematics, and Courses under the Centre for Industrial Mathematics of Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana should click on "New Application". The students should select the appropriate course. They require a photo of previous examination mark list/Progress Report to upload. In the  form the mobile number  associated to the student should be a Whatsapp Number. For High School Students, parents should give a different mobile number(s) for them.  Parent 1 can be mother or father as per convenience. These mobile numbers will be used as user names for the myclasscampus  web or app login. Scroll down for additional information.

  • Applications for admissions to High School/UG/PG/ Seminar/Centre for Industrial Math. activities can  be done by clicking at New Application.

    For admission to HighSchool Level Courses, the students are expected to get 85% or more marks or equivalent grade in the previous examination. The student's mobile number in the application form  should be a whatsapp number. The student (mandatory)  and Parent 1 and Parent 2 must have different mobile numbers. (Otherwise keep rest blank.)  If the software shows Parent information as incomplete for some reason, still the form can be uploaded and the student will be contacted by the office if required.

    Once the form is uploaded, for modification, if required, log in here. Scroll down for additional information.

Additional Info.

  • Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana is an educational and research institute in Mathematics. It has High School Activities and  activities for UG/PG students. There are seminars  for teachers and research students. Under the High School Activities, there are courses for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th standards and Olympiad Level 1 and Level 2. 

    More competent students have the facility of going one level ahead. 8th std students can take admission to 8th Std Foundation of Mathematics Course or Olympiad Level 1 Course if they want to go for RMO/INMO examinations. Also after Foundations of mathematics course they can join for Olympiad Level 1 or Level 2 Course. For this they should contact the Course Coordinators given at bprim.org .

    Under the Centre for Industrial Mathematics there is a BP-RubiVersity Data Science Course, and courses proposed by IAIAM such as  Linear Algebra & Applications, Data Science  I and II,  Signal and Image Processing, Mathematical Methods I and II, Cryptography & Cyber Security, Project. There are Industry oriented courses such as Product Design & Development, Lighting and Illumination, IPR Patents and Startup, BP- Bi-Embedly course on Disruptive Technology, BP-AIPL course on IIOT. There is also internship available in Industry. Customised Industry Specific in-house Courses are also available for public sector units and MNCs. GATE 2022 Preparation Course in various Engineering disciplines and Mathematics/Physics is available. Industry Research is available.