Logic School of Management

"MyClassCampus is very good ERP software, also considering the cost factor. It is still a growing company with a powerful software for school management. We love the customization they are providing us."

About Institute :

Logic School of Management (LSM) is an exclusive institute of first choice to secure high ranks in various professional courses like CA, CPA, CMA, CMA, CS, M.Com and B.Com. LSM is the Pioneer to introduce Certified Management Accountant (CMA, USA) in the state of Kerala, India and holds the privilege to be the “Only institute in Kerala to be recognized by IMA-USA for CMA coaching”.

Problems Faced before using MyClassCampus :

Mr. Gabby shared that,

  • “The major issue we were facing was managing inquiries that we received for our institutes.”
  • “We were not able to track the details of students and there was always a probability of information getting lost due to it being on manual papers. We had a major dependency on manual paperwork. We wanted to change that.”
  • “We wanted to adapt paperless system and then is when we found MyClassCampus.”
After implementing MyClassCampus :
  • “ After adapting MyClassCampus School Administration Software, we are using Inquiry management module and Fee management module primarily.”
  • ” We don’t have to manage inquiries in books anymore, we can do it from Inquiry module. We also have the option of sorting out status of different inquiries. This way we can always check the inquiry status of a particular student.”
  • “ We practice the whole admission process in MyClassCampus and it is much convenient.”
  • “ We have started adapting fee management module right now. Collecting fee is now easier and faster, hassle free process.”